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PMA Supports the Largest Rail Tunnel Project in the World Featured Video
When PMA became part of ABB in 2012, we inherited a 120+ year history in leading not only Switzerland but the world’s technological progress - from efficient energy production, to sustainable mobility, and everything in between. Consequently, we are proudly and irremovably linked to the entire history of Swiss rail traffic; a leading name in the field and a global leader in innovation and quality. ABB PMA Cable Protection and our...Click to Watch
Zehnder Comfortable Indoor Ventilation: Function Principle Featured Video
The comfortable indoor ventilation system with up to 95% heat recovery provides energy-optimised air exchange, which can be automatically controlled to suit individual requirements. The system components, intelligently designed to work together, provide a constant supply of fresh air while extracting stale air. Functional principle - Ventilation is the cornerstone of a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate...Click to Watch
Aermec - Ever Higher for Aermec: Now Beyond 2,3MW
Aermec continues its progression towards ever higher refrigeration capacities. The recently extended WF range, water-cooled reversible chillers featuring screw compressors and shell & tube evaporators, now offers cooling capacities up to 2331kW and heating capacities up to 2484kW. This beats the previous maximum, held by the air-cooled NSM chiller, which offers cooling capacities beyond 2100kW. And of course Aermec achieves...Read More
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Apollo Supports Commemorations of The Great Fire of London
From the 2nd to 5th September 1666, a torrent of flames swept through the City of London, carrying devastation behind it and destroying the homes of 70,000 of the city’s 80,000 inhabitants, which became known historically as The Great Fire of London. Apollo Fire Detectors is sponsoring Great Fire 350, the official commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the event. A series of free art and experiential events will take place...Read More
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LG Electronics - New AC EZ Touch Controller Launched
LG has launched a new and modern, intuitive 5" colour touch screen controller for its Multi V VRF systems, multi split and single split units and Therma V air-to-water heat pump products. The new AC EZ Touch control, model reference: PACEZA000, offers Smart management for smaller commercial sites providing both group and individual control. It can be scheduled weekly or yearly and has a total or partial individual controller lock. Complete...Read More
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EMCEL Filters - AEP 54 Vs. STANAG 4447
CBRN Filtration is vitally important in protecting our military personnel and at EMCEL we pride ourselves on our high quality filters manufactured on-site. To ensure the effectiveness of the CBRN filtration a manufacturing and testing specification is followed, this includes STANAG44447 and, more recently, AEP54. Since 2009 EMCEL have been independently testing materials in order to satisfy the requirements of AEP54...Read More
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Lighting Controls - New DALI Modular Distribution Box
The Lighting Controls Ltd. DALI Modular Distribution Box is designed to distribute mains power and a lighting control network connection to devices such as Fan Coils, Luminaires PIRs and Scene Set Plates. With four outlets for DALI lighting circuits, four outlets for additional PIRs and Scene Set Plates, and two outlets for devices such as Fan Coils, this versatile unit can interface any zone configuration imaginable. Two power...Read More
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Legrand Guarantees Long-Lasting Transformer Performance with 8-year Warranty
Legrand has extended the warranty for it’s high-efficiency Zucchini Green T.HE cast resin transformers to eight years - the longest on the market - guaranteeing long-lasting reliable power distribution, with market-low partial discharge values. The measurement of partial discharges - which degrade insulation materials within the transformer over time as a result of persistent voltage exposure - is a "Quality Index" of a transformer...Read More
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