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ESG Solarchromic™ Climate Control Glass

ESG Solarchromic™ Climate Control Glass

With its electronically controllable tint, ESG's Solarchromic™ Climate Control Glass not only reduces a building's energy consumption, it is also an attractive design feature for any window, conservatory, velux or rooflight. Available in manual or automatic control, ESG Solarchromic™ panels can be controlled individually or as a multiple panel system.

Digitally responsive, ESG Solarchromic™ Climate Control Glass limits solar heat gain whilst adjusting the amount of glare. Reducing the need for blinds, it helps to create a more comfortable, stylish and sustainable glazed living or working space.

ESG's Solarchromic™ is not simply a tinted glass. The intelligent glazed system uses electrical impulses to adopt new tones, instantly controlling the transmission of heat and light into a building. As an ideal adjustable solar controlled glass for windows, conservatories, loft conversions and glass roofs, it provides maximum comfort whilst saving a substantial amount of energy.

ESG Solarchromic™ is available in sizes up to 1350x3300mm, custom shapes and sizes, and can be combined with any of ESG's range of LCD privacy, security or fire resistant glass products for a total glass solution. 

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