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Featured Video - Piller - 9th February 2016

Game Changing Technology Unveiled

Game Changing Technology for Data Centres

Piller, the British owned German critical power solutions provider, best known for providing UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems for bank and stock exchange data centres - including the Bank of England, European Central Bank and Euronext - is set to introduce a totally new category of UPS that promises to revolutionise the way data centre operators think about power conditioning and outage protection.

The ground-breaking technology currently being developed will completely do away with space-hungry batteries, instead using kinetic energy located on the server floor itself to provide constant power and ride-through, thereby significantly reducing footprint and other operating costs.

For co-location operators particular cost has become a major focus in an increasingly competitive field. But it is reliability that remains paramount, the company claims it has found that particular holy grail and is heralding the technology as "game changing".

UPS systems are amongst the most critically important equipment installed in data centres. They constantly condition input power to smooth out irregularities from the grid that computers just can't handle and they provide ride-through power until backup generators kick in if there is a total power failure. And of course, these systems have to do this around the clock, day in and day out.

Piller will preview the new concept simultaneously at CeBIT Expo in Hannover and at Data Center World Global 2016 in Las Vegas, both being held 14-18 March 2016

The technology is expected to be market ready the following year, following extensive type testing.

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