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Article Date: 6th January 2016

COMPCO Fire Systems - Winter Best Practice

Winter Best Practice - Sprinkler Pump Rooms - Trace Heating

COMPCO Snowflake

As we enter what could potentially be a severe winter period, with forecasters predicting drops in temperature in excess of -15 degrees, it is of upmost importance you ensure your frost prevention equipment is checked for correct operation and integrity. In such periods, we would recommend daily site checks to cover the following:

Sprinkler pump rooms / Valve set locations / Pipework without Trace heating and lagging

The temperature in which this equipment and pipework is located should not fall below 4 degrees. All heater units to safeguard this occurrence, should be checked for correct operation and recorded.

External Pipework where Trace heating and lagging is installed

  • Ensure that the integrity of the installation is sound (no rips, sections missing etc…)

  • Ensure that where fitted, the stat box is on, indicating that the trace element is working

  • Where no stat box is installed, place your hand on the pipework lagging to determine that the trace is working.

  • Ensure that the tank immersion heater unit, where applicable (for systems fed from water storage tanks and fire pumps) is operational.

COMPCO undertake visual checks in accordance with the above, noting any defects/concerns periodically in accordance with your service and maintenance agreement. However it is imperative that you ensure vigilant checks are made by yourself/site representative continually during this forecasted cold spell. Thus ensuring prevention of pipework freezing and causing damage to property and goods.

Should you suspect any failure of such equipment, we recommend you contact our service department.

We also wish to highlight, that for an arranged fee, we can attend site to demonstrate these good practice checks should you require.

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