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Article Date: 1st June 2016

Hager UK - Sollysta Wiring Accessories go from Strength to Strength

Sollysta Wiring - Sollysta Metalclad - Wiring Systems – Light Switches

Hager - Switch

Launched in April, the Sollysta Metalclad range compliments Hager’s white moulded, decorative, grid and IP66 variations. This new addition provides a complete range of wiring solutions to meet the demands of any application.

Sollysta Metalclad has been specifically designed to combine durability and aesthetics without compromising on functionality or finish. The new range includes both traditional grey, used in industrial rugged environments, as well as the equally durable but subtle finish of white metal, perfect for use in public high traffic areas where aesthetics are essential.

The Metalclad range has all of the existing hallmark features of Sollysta. This includes the unique neutral loop terminal, allowing the installer to make the loop connection at the switch, and the patented three pin shutter mechanism on the sockets for additional safety. For ease of installation moulded cable lead-ins, captive and backed off terminal screws, positive wire end stop and inline terminals also remain.

Hardened steel has been used to form the back boxes in order to maintain their rigidity. There are also knock outs, retained by tags that sit flat to the box wall to ensure there is no visible gap. Additionally the faceplates overlap a lip on the back box to sit flush to the box wall for a smooth finish.

Hager - Sollysta MetalcladClaire Smith Product Portfolio Manager, from Hager UK, said: "A Sollysta solution can be specified with complete confidence for any building project regardless of the diversity of the environment. This is especially invaluable where facilities have a variety of application requirements within a single building. For example within the education sector, requirements range from office space, to classrooms, corridors, sports halls and maintenance areas."

Hager is committed to industry safety and testing requirements in addition to its own high standards of quality and reliability. As well as being certified by global test and certification body Nemko London, Hager factory tests 100% of its Sollysta products prior to shipment.

The completed range provides a full package of solutions for any project and reinforces Hager as a competitive supplier for all applications within the wiring accessories market.

Claire Smith added: "The addition of metalclad is the next step in our evolution of the Sollysta range. As the Sollysta portfolio expands, and with some very exciting plans for future product developments, we can build on the huge success and growth we have already had and maximise our opportunities in new markets."

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