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Article Date: 7th June 2016

SHM Metering Enclosures - PXMP and MMU

Metering Enclosures - Meter Management Unit - Energy Monitoring Systems

SHM - Metering Enclosures

The SHM PXMP (Plastic eXternal CT Metering Panel) is a metering enclosure for one or two DIN-72 or DIN-96 meters. PXMP1 has one meter and PXMP2 has two meters. The PXMP is designed for quick installation in the field. It includes meter internal wiring, voltage fuses and CT shorting and disconnects to allow for simple and safe meter replacement if required.

When the meter(s) have Pulse, Modbus or M-bus terminals, they are pre-wired for easy system integration. The PXMPs use the SHM standard layout of DIN terminals, for all meters, for error free wiring.

In addition SHM offers a custom panel service. We will fit any of our meters into plastic or steel panels pre-wired to terminals for fuses, current transformers, pulse, Modbus or M-bus.

The PXMP is rated at IP65. To maintain this ingress standard SHM offers transparent front covers for the meter fascias to preserve the IP65 classification.

A complimentary range of MMU (Meter Management Unit) enclosures is available for DIN-rail mounted meters. Contact SHM by email below for all your requirements.

See the ESTA website for full schedule and details.

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